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We’re more than a player in the esoteric universe. We’re the place to go when the deal is self-knowledge and well-being.

We can now be found in four languages and more than 20 countries, with our Brazilian, Spanish, French and English websites. We were the first Impact!ng Group company to launch an e-commerce project, in the beginning of 2018, with the WeMystic shop for the Brazilian market. Beyond astrology, voyances and spiritual guidance, we offer a wide range of specialized content in order to lead out users to harmony and good living.

In 2018, we sent more than 400M emails, we had above 10M monthly visits to our portals, reached a million users in our social ecosystem (Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram) and we’ve generated about 6M conversions.

With a team of dedicated professionals such as PPC Managers, Designers, Support Managers, Email Marketing Managers, Community Managers and a Unicorn, we will take the WeMystic brand far and beyond, building the biggest digital community of users looking for Light, Life and Balance.




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