CEO’s Message

This is a special time in our group’s history

Fifteen years ago, when me, Nuno and Pedro founded Adclick, the first company in the Impacting Group, our ambition was high, but it was not foreseeable the position we are standing now. It’s been an incredible journey.
During these years it has always been about moving forward and growing, as a group of entrepreneurs and online marketing professionals, as a company and more recently as a group of companies all bounded together by the same culture of possibility, believing that is possible to conquer the world from a small city in a small country located in the westernmost point of Europe.
Impacting Group has since gained recognition as a global player in online marketing, with a broad set of products and services supported by a world class team and servicing global brands such as Citibank, MetLife, Banco Itaú, EDP, Volkswagen and many others.
The group’s constant pursuit of innovation resulted in a unique combination of digital marketing solutions. Adclick perfected the concept of performance publishing, building tailored audiences suited to its customer needs. Along the way built technology that was later made into a world unique Email Advertising Platform (Emailbidding). Smarkio was born from the need to manage an evermore complex digital customer journey, with hundreds of possible interactions. Meanwhile, from the experience Adclick acquired in using chatbots for lead generation, this technology was built-in Smarkio giving birth to a combination of automation capability and conversational user interface that to our knowledge is also unique in the world. Impacting Digital is the logic consequence of the amazing experience acquired during the last ten years. By focusing on the specific customer’s digital marketing challenges, we offer professional services that in most cases leverage on the group’s technology and know-how.


What do the coming months and years hold?


First of all I believe that Impacting Group is perfectly positioned to continue its fast paced growth and become a relevante global player In the coming years. We are focused on accelerating the execution of our expansion strategy and bring Impacting offerings to new countries.

For this – and many other reasons – I’m very excited and proud to lead this company; prouder still to be working with such a talented and committed group of people.

I am incredibly excited about this journey and truly believe the best of Impacting Group is yet to come!

Cláudio Fernandes

CEO Impacting Group

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