15 years of digital business and innovation

11 years of innovative business

15 years of digital business and innovation

Impacting group recently celebrated its 15th anniversary and, along with this celebration, came a new mission to accomplish and new values to help define who we are and how we communicate as a group.


Sustainability, innovation and agility are the three values that now rule our group.

Our mission is to design strategies and implement innovative initiatives of digital business transformation that create a significant impact in our Clients!

Our journey began way back in 2007, when Cláudio Fernandes, Pedro Roque and Nuno Morais saw a big opportunity in the digital market.


It was not long until Adclick was born to generate audiences for their clients by quality content available in several portals in different countries.

After that, Beeleads was out to create and manage digital marketing campaigns. It also came to generate better results and more qualified leads for its clients, enhancing performance and sales.

All these businesses were supported by several software tools. This tools were designed and implemented by our team. Several spin-offs happened, to share these tools with others.

EmailBidding was then founded as a marketplace for Email Marketing where Advertisers and Publishers meet their common goals and create a positive impact in users.

Smarkio is another example of a software spin-off. A pioneer in multi-channel automation (chatbot, website, SMS, Emails and pushnotifications) that adds a conversational approach to any website. It improves user experience and optimizes acquisition enrichment. It qualifies, nurtures, and boost sales and customer service.

As digital business is always evolving and transforming itself, Impacting Digital was born to share with others this experience. The company is now collaboration with several B2B Clients to generate deep and dynamic business transformation. Impacting digital creates processes, relationships and models that promote a fulfilling digital experience.

At last, comes PushNews, that brings the power of Push Notifications to content publishers, increasing traffic and conversions.

We are a great group of several digital business companies. Authentic, Bold. We don’t lose a lot of time thinking about the future, because it is already happening. Right here. Right now.