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We put our know-how and technology at the service of our clients to enhance their Digital Marketing initiatives

Impacting Group is a Portuguese company that has a portfolio with several businesses, all related to the digital field and focused on international markets.

Adclick was the first company of the group to be born, back in 2007. Until 2014, all group operations were concentrated within this single company. But, with new differentiated businesses being launched, it seemed obvious that it was necessary to unify everything, and so a new holding company was born – Impacting Group. It became the parent of Adclick, Adclick Brasil, Wondeotec and Smarkio. The sum of the turnover of all companies in Impacting Group, exceeded 10M€ in 2016.

Adclick is headquartered at UPTEC – the Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto. Adclick is a pure digital publisher, that generates thematic audiences by creating relevant content about finance, lifestyle, travel, health, wellness, and self-help, among others.
With a deep knowledge of digital performance marketing and using technology developed internally, the company knows well the demographics and interests of its’ audience and aims to present them with products or services suited to their needs.
Creativity, sustainability, relevance, and passion, as well as technology, structure, and talent, are critical for Adclick to generate business for its’ customers, through innovative processes that integrate the entire value chain of online sales.

In 2016, Adclick achieved a turnover of 6.3 million euros, with an export rate of approximately 70%, ating in more than 26 different countries, such as: Portugal, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Hong Kong, USA, among others.

In 2013, it ranked 44th in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500, a contest that evaluates and ranks the Top 500 technological companies in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, with the highest growth. Also, in 2015 it was elected as the “Best Company in the Tertiary Sector in Portugal“, by the Jury of the “Portugal Fazemos Bem” Award.

Adclick Brasil (also known for Beeleads) develops the business of digital marketing, as an agency, in the Brazilian market. It started operations in 2011 and has been a strategic element in the Impacting Group’s internationalization plan. In 2016 its revenue exceeded 1.6 M €.

Emailbidding (also known as Wondeotec) is an advanced tool enabling companies to launch highly effective digital marketing campaigns with just a few clicks.

Emailbidding is a marketplace that distributes each campaign to the best recipient from among millions of certified partner registrations. It accounted a turnover of 2.2 M € in 2016 and an exportat rate higher than 60%.

Smarkio emerged in 2015 from the market need to adopt the technologies that had been developed by the Impacting Group since its inception.

A company with a technological focus is born, which aims to offer the market a marketing automation solution, which includes messaging and follow-up processes of the sales cycle, verified throughout the experience of the Impacting Group in Digital Marketing.
The Chatbot CMS Smarkio, which has existed since the product launch, is the ultimate example of conversion optimization. Using preprogrammed scripts that, without the help of an operator, it can lead the user to the predefined goal, whether it is collecting a contact, perform a profile enrichment, fill questionnaires, improve service, etc.
Its’ native mobile language, interactivity, and ease of configuration allows Smarkio’s chatbots to have far superior results while interacting with users. In addition to working autonomously, Chatbot CMS Smarkio is now integrated with Facebook, Skype, Slack and other platforms.
Very quickly Smarkio gathered the trust of key clients, such as EDP, SIVA, ITAÚ, Porto Seguro, Citibank and others on both sides of the Atlantic. The company has two offices, one in Porto and the other in S. Paulo.

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